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The GTA SA Nostalgia Run PT3: The Thing Is...

I lost interest.

Not just in GTA SA, but in Golden Sun too. Two. Too.

It seems this is the case with any game I play for a too prolonged span of time. Especially for games with grind, or a story that you immerse yourself in. Eventually - if it's due to the repetition or due to an unexpected pause in said repetition - by means of other life-related events that come in the way - I seem to fall out with said game.

I tried getting back to the GTA SA thing a few weeks ago, but it just wasn't fun anymore. The magic was gone. The completed storyline and in-game character comradery forgotten. I played some races. I ran around the country a bit and went rampant. But the storyline is completed, and all that's left is to grind through collectibles, races and other spin-off missions as to get that full, satisfying 102%...

Maybe I'll get back to that later, but for now I just don't have the motivation. It's gone.

Similarly I abandoned my Golden Sun 2 campaign post Jupiter lighthouse a couple weeks or so (plus a month or so - I'm late with this) ago.

I'd just reunited with Ivan and his team, and was set on getting to the Northern lands but... progress has become uncertain and tedious.

I'm not sure where to go first before that. I'm not sure what's left to do. There are puzzles that I couldn't previously complete that Ivan's skillset now allows me to, and there are additional rusty items scattered around the world that could use some polish, and there are games to win and items to sell but... it's a vast world. When you've already ventured through most of it it's just not as fun to go back again and try to tie up those loose ends when suddenly the entire world is directly accessible. It's too big.

Seems a little similar to the remaining GTA SA collectible grind.

When you're in the game for real, actively progressing and getting places, it's fun. If you don't weave the grind into the active storyline a bit it's easy to fall off or falter. The end goal disappears. It seems like it's all for naught, like is it really worth the time after all...

I'm not done with the storyline in Golden Sun 2 though, so I think it is. Worth the time I mean.

I'm not satiated on that game quite yet, but maybe it is the right time for a break at least, then I can come back to the world anew and swoop by all those areas I might've missed earlier... and then head onwards. To the ruthless, but alluring North, where the final lighthouse yet lies in wait.

And after that maybe get back to GTA SA again..

For now: I'm having a pretty good time with TaskMaker.


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