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The Guest (2014)

Dan Stevens puts on a killer act in this movie, far exceeding anything I'd expected when I started to watch it. He arrives as "David", a soldier at the Peterson's, a family of a deceased son, and claims to have served with that son. He befriends everyone in the family quickly, except maybe Anna (Maika Monroe). As strange murders start occurring in the neighborhood she grows suspicious, eventually makes a call to the army base and is told that the so called "David" died in a fire. Soon the military police come knocking on their door, and the person they thought they knew turns into a real stranger.

It's a real thriller, with some intense action scenes amidst the brewing paranoia amd family trouble. Not much happens until a good way into the movie, but you are always waiting for something to start, and when it does it does so with style.

When they crash windows, I'm happy to see they're using real glass instead of that fake movie glass they so often use in modern movies, and that pretty much sums up the overall filmography: it's gritty, it's professional, it's accompanied by a strange synthy, moody, partially German soundtrack that supercharges the suspense all the while reminding of old classics, and each character shines with presence. Everyone you meet has a role to play. No loose ends. And if you haven't watched the movie, but clicked away the spoiler tags anyway: you'd better prepare for a killer twist at the end I thought I'd tire of cheap thrillers, but this was very nicely done.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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