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The Happening (2008)

The Happening (2008)

The Happening is a story of a potential future where plants tire of us, where we become a threat to the world and they decide to release toxins into the air that paralyze us and flip our survival switch around causing us to kill ourselves. More than a movie - a thriller, a drama, a romantic horror story, it's also a call to action - for us to wake up and realize how gravely we're mistreating the world! Even if the plants aren't as imminent a threat as the movie characters grow to learn - yet still disclaim when it's all over - we are a destructive force, and we should take care not to crush some minuscule life form with each step we take. Why wait on the trees to do it. Save the world! Open your minds!!

As for the movie: I love the idea, but the implementation of it isn't flawless. It's tense, sure. It's exciting, professionally filmed, with a shining red line to follow all the way through - but at the same time it feels distant. It doesn't have the apocalyptic overview I'm used to in a movie portraying the paths toward a potential dystopia. There aren't immense destructive forces at work, ravishing the cities, the wind swirling as a stream of lost souls through a wrecked suburbia. Maybe that's what I'm missing. Maybe that's what I expect.

Yet it's also the lack of this that makes the potential reality so much more perceptible: when you hear the wind, when you see the trees and the grass sway, when the camera zooms in on a face or a gaze or a remote place rather than showing you the big picture, without the god-like over landscapes being crushed and transformed. Because that's not the type of destruction this movie shows, it's a threat to humans and humans only. Nature, is in control. Nature, is happening.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Jan/5/2019

    this movie lacked substance. if you liked the general premise though, I recommend Bird-Box

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/5/2019

    Ah yeah, I just read about that one a couple days ago! Remembered this, but didn't remember what it was called, so thanks for digging this up!

    Don't remember much now but I know I really liked the idea.

  3. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/5/2019

    Also Bird-Box does look promising! Have you seen it already?

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