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The Heat (2013)

The Heat (2013)

The Heat is an action-comedy duet between Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. I heard about it a while back, but only watched it recently because some famous author mentioned in his bio that Melissa McCarthy was a comedic genius. So, with hopes I'd be entertained, I gave this movie a shot!

My first impressions of Melissa McCarthy - as both actor and character - weren't that great, but she grows on you. All that obscenity; the needless brutality; the spontaneously insulting comments... after a while they stop making her seem like just a vile and repulsive person and actually pretty entertaining... or maybe it's when we get a glimpse at her underlying inner mind and get to know she's really not that bad: she cares. And Bill Burr makes an appearance as her brother, that was a fun surprise. He sits outside an apartment waiting for intruders with a bat - perfect fit. .)

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock seem like opposites as much in the movie as outside of it. At first they just don't get along, then they do, kinda - but even when the movie is over I'm thinking they must really not be very alike - and I wonder if they enjoyed making this film at all... if they are and did they're great actors.

They play cops. Sandra the stiff and uptight arrogant type; Melissa the violent spontaneous brutally honest one. They arrest (but mostly kill) bad guys, their family gets involved, they end up going 21 Jump Street and everything and it all goes crazy. In one scene there was an Azalea Banks track playing in the background! So that was awesome. The plot was a generic maze, the entertainment entertained and some scenes even came close to making a lasting impression, but in conclusion it comes out as one of those well-made yet pretty mediocre cop and robber movies. It took a while to get properly introduced to the characters and not see them as complete assholes, and the chemistry never did feel perfect, but it was a good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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