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The Hobbit 3 - The Battle Of The Five Armies (2014)

The Hobbit 3 - The Battle Of The Five Armies (2014)

The Hobbit 3 - The Battle Of The Five Armies (2014)

Finally I've watched the final segment of this trilogy! After just recently having seen the first two, all three are fresh on my mind, and compared to the LOTR series it feels like they need to be. There's a greater sense of continuity between these Hobbit movies than there was with the other series, not least because they cut the last movie right before the grand dragon fight! The dragon was such a minor part of this movie, that it feels like it could've made for a much flashier finale in the last. But then again, the second ending did have that beautiful melancholy, a mood that might have been difficult to achieve did it end when that battle was over. Though, it feels like they left the final fight for this movie just to pack as much into this movie as possible (although this is surprisingly the shortest movie yet), not because it was necessarily the most suitable place to end.

The great war picks up quickly after the dragon leaves (leaves this earth, that is), and though there's definitely a gap of time in the story between these two phases, the fact that they are both scenes in the same movie makes the jump in time seem much less. The victims of war take refuge to Dale, where the intrigue quickly builds up and soon: battle. Even though it was a massive final battle, with (unfortunately, although expectedly) certain sacrifice even amongst the legions of better than worse, I still see the second film as a definite favorite segment of the series. And am I imagining things, or was some CGI a bit funky, a bit jumpy, not always as on-point as earlier? I don't mind the exaggeratedness of it all, it's just that some movements don't feel as precise or planned. But with a war as big as this there's bound to be some slip ups.

The ending this time, the ultimate end, felt... complete, although somehow also a bit empty. As if this whole series is meant to be but a prequel for the LOTR trilogy.

All six movie time totals combined, one day would be just enough for a combined Hobbit/LOTR marathon! 169, 161, 144, 178, 179, 201 minutes (from Bilbo to Frodo)... just over 17 hours worth of film. That'd be worth a try if you some day wake up incredibly early in the morning and feel overly energetic and have spare time to spend! Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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