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The Human Centipede 2 (2011)

The Human Centipede 2 (2011)

I didn't know the Human Centipede was more than one movie, but now that I know I guess I'll have to watch this one as well.

This time it's in black and white, the centipede expands a few people in length, and the main character is, instead of a professional doctor, a disturbed loner who - inspired by the former - seeks to realize this macabre fantasy once again. How much further can this really go?

It's brutal, gory, and disturbing. There's more nudity. More mutilation. More death. There's more of everything, except maybe color, professionalism, and scenery (most of it takes place in a very gray-looking warehouse), and dialog.

There are also characters whose appearances almost border on comedy, with the very unhelpful psychologist, and the main character's overly aggressive and pain-receptive mother. In a way they remind of horror movies of old, where the acting wasn't as serious, but at the same time they break the otherwise so very dark setting. Laurence R. Harvey shines in his main role though, or rather: revolts, and his victims as well.

Once again it's a twisted, sad, and very meaningless story, with a much darker tone than the former. And it's not just the black and white. As far as exploitation goes this is definitely light years ahead of the former, and yet it feels all the more meaningless as a result. Once again it's a movie you can't stop watching, suckered in by shock content, uncomfortable as it often is, and in the end I'm not sure what to rate it... maybe I should do as that one renowned critic did with the first, and give it no rating at all, saying that it stands in a world of it's own (paraphrased). Grotesque, yet captivating, and impressively far away from conventional limitations.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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