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The Human Centipede (2009)

The Human Centipede (2009)

No doubt you've at least heard of this one? The incredibly disturbing. The highly unethical. The one before which many of the prospects walked out of the audition room in disgust. The 100% medicinally accurate (so they say because the director, Tom Six, conferred with a surgeon before the movie).

It starts somewhat typical: a couple of girls are out driving, in the woods, in Germany, and their car breaks down. They end up in a German's house, and though he seems kind of strange, both arrogant and introverted, he still seems alright... until he sedates them, catches them when they try to escape, and make them (together with a Japanese guy) a part of his macabre experiment: sowing them together, mouth to anus, to create an obedient and self-feeding pet.

The doctor doesn't like humans, has bizarre paintings on his walls (the one of the twins is painted by the director no less), a clean house, and goes about the experiment with a sense of professionalism that - morbid as the movie is - does impress.

The filming's great. The actors too. The doctor (played by Dieter Laser) in particular gives a scary impression. Because he's out of his mind, or because he isn't? It's an uncomfortable, and unconventional horror movie of the sort, with such an uncomfortable scenario presented in - at least when it begins - such a clean and clinical way. Not one you enjoy watching but... it's hard to stop. Shock? A bit. Discomfort? A lot.

Though it's well-made it does lack some form of decisiveness, and takes the exploitation factor to an almost unappreciatably clean level, and I think that's where the score falters. At the end you wonder what you really watched this for. Why? I'm almost ashamed; instantly reminded of Movie Madness (2016).

Can't undervalue the production quality though, low budget as it is. Props on really going where nobody dared go before: Tom Six.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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