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The Human Race (2013)

The Human Race (2013)

This might seem like a religious movie at first, but the name should be a hint that it's more than that. What starts as a race for life - when eighty people are abducted from the same block and put to a test only one can survive, eventually turns into... a race of death. And more.

The main characters are an interesting group in this movie. There are deaf people. There's a person without a leg. It's the ones with the biggest handicap that come out the victors, and it feels refreshing with a cast that's not just unknown, but also underrepresented in movies overall.

Eddie McGee's got some mad skills with those crutches too! I'm just sad to see Trista Robinson take such a twist for the worse. She seemed like the one who would see things on the bright side no matter what.

Reviews for this movie on IMDB are terrible, but it's really not that bad. Acting? Yes... not perfect. Sets? Not perfect either. Idea? That's where it gets interesting! The characters and concept are what make the movie, and the exploding heads aren't terrible CGI either. It's definitely a B-movie, but it's not a bad one.

You want something strange and alien? Give it a chance. It's like Death Race but with runners... and with a twist: the worst runner wins. :)

 rated 3/5: not bad


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