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The Hunger Games 4 - Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015)

The Hunger Games 4 - Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015)

The final segment of the Hunger Games franchise! And a worthy one at that. Katniss doesn't disappoint, her heart is pure and her aim is true, even if not everything goes as she'd expect it to. Or you. Or anyone else. Plutarch, he might've expected a bit more, yes.

In the prequels it was a game, but this time it's war. Katniss and a propaganda team make their way to the capital, all the while the rebels are trying to break in. The others in the group take pictures, but Katniss has other plans: she wants to kill Snow. Peeta is still a mutt of the Capitol, and what about Glade? Well, you'll find out. It's a savage journey through a world torn by war and intrigue, with too many mourn-worthy characters to fully keep track of, and the games aren't quite over yet, but one way or another - this time it ends.

There's plenty of suspense, deceit, and creative action. It's one final segment well done, and also the last movie Philip Seymour Hoffman acted before his unfortunate drug-induced death. You don't see him much at the end, but his role worked out well; his legacy lives on. Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence both play their roles as Gale and Katniss nicely, and so doth the rest. Though it feels the whole Hunger Game idea is being used in almost too many parallel franchises right now, I don't think I mind. It tells us something of how we perceive the world we live in right now, even if we don't acknowledge it, and maybe it could show us a way to change. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. S3C
    Monday Jul/30/2018

    well, that was a great rebound from part 1! very nice watch, and nice review. while I would have wrote a different screenplay for 43 and 4- overall an excellent series that surpassed my expectations. I also have to commend Jennifer Lawrence, a beautiful woman who brought the character to life marvelously, gentle & sensitive yet brave and ready to fight. final hunger game power rankings:

    1. Hunger Games 1
    2. Hunger Games MockingJay Part 2
    3. Hunger Games Catching Fire
    4. Hunger Games MockingJay Part 1

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Aug/7/2018

    Imagine if they really dragged it on for 43 segments. XD Intentional reference to the original 42 reference, no...?

    Thank you thank you, and noble insights on your part too! That's pretty much how I'd rank them too, though dubious about which one of the final two I liked the least right now... probably the same.

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