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The Iceman (2014)

The Iceman (2014)

Donnie Yen is at it again, this time as a royal bodyguard from the Ming Dynasty, newly awoken after a 400 year slumber. He takes some time to get used to the new world (though surprisingly quickly considering how much there is to learn), meets a young attractive female (of course), stumbles upon a couple of old enemies and eventually fights it out in one more fierce freeway showdown. But this time it's on a bridge. They really have a thing for fighting on roads, don't they? First Special ID, then Kung Fu Jungle, and now this one!

The fights are great, though in contrast to the two recently mentioned titles, they aren't always the most realistic. Too much special fx. Too much flying around. Too much smoke and shattered glass that you can clearly see was added after, and though I still enjoyed the movie as a whole, that brings down the experience a bit for me. The story's both entertaining, sad and intriguing, and I hear there's an Iceman 2 on route! Stay tuned.

Btw, I'd probably give this a 3 if it weren't for the fights. Special effects considered, they're still amazing.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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