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The Incredibles Runthrough

Played straight through the game this and the last night, and it was surprisingly good! A classic arcade game with various attacks, varied enemies, and after a while a bit strategical gameplay as well. It wasn't very hard, but still challenging, and entertaining to play through. The only downside to the game was the hacky storyline, which I wouldn't have understood if I hadn't seen the movie first. It jumped from one thing to another and the levels skipped through the years with no real clear red line to guide it.

I wrote down the codes for all the levels on a scrap of paper, and I was going to post it but it seems the scrap of paper has been misplaced and can't be found. There must be a hundred FAQs for this game already, so I won't write my own (especially now that I can't find the level codes), though I suppose level codes are dependent of how many lives the character has as well, in other words unique each time you play the game.

FAQ or no FAQ, it's a recommended play, if you have the game. Otherwise, hmm, if you can get it cheap it's worth the buy, if not, there are tons of other games that will provide you with much much more gameplay per dollar. Advanced Wars for example.


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