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The Inspectors (1998)

The Inspectors (1998)

Stumbled upon the second one of these just recently, and it was GOOD! Had to see this one too.

It follows a similar formula - starts the same way - mysteriously but meticulously, and builds from there, you don't know which way it's going....

And this one was waaay more brutal than the last one was! With the initial scene. The bomb scene. After that not so much.

I recognize the little kid, though they overplayed the little kid-edness on that scene, for real... do little kids actually act that way? Would he have been so gullible? And if he had been would be really have waited with the package while everybody was gathered around?

Everything else is solid though, even if there's not much action to show for it. There's a lot of stake-out, take-out and dialog, but the relations are nice to watch. I do love action but it's not bad with something like this either. Something a bit more realistic. Like for example with any other average action movie you'd for sure have had a violent confrontation with the sheriff, or with the perpetrator, or with SOMEONE, at least! Here you don't. The investigation's key, and everything else is just extraneous circumstance. They catch the bad guys in passing. Hell some are even caught before the movie begins.

I like it. It really is an investigation; they do things differently here. Though too many movies like this and I think it'd tire too... I definitely lean more for action than not, but it's nice to get a more technical; more social; more counter-intelligence counterpart every once in a while.

These guys do that well.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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