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The Island (1980)

The Island (1980)

A journalist takes his son with him to investigate pirate activity off the coast of Florida. But he gets stranded on a mysterious island - where he might not be alone.

Wonder where that broken down ferry really is. Wonder if islands like this really exist...

The beginning gives you glimpses, but then you move to the city, and when suddenly Blair Maynard and his son Justin are in the grips of a group of pirates living on a remote island in The Bahamas you really aren't prepared for it.

Some bits remind me of The Clockwork Orange. I've been thinking modern thrillers are getting a bit overly fucked up recently, but that's really only on the graphical side. On the psychological one the eighties were waaay ahead of their time. Pitting son and father against each other as reality becomes fiction - as if it's all a dream - and it seems all they can do is abide by the new style of life they're provided...

It's a pretty different movie. Savage. And Michael Caine's great as always, though I'm not used to seeing him not old yet. Seems he's been in a bundle of classics, but I didn't recognize him earlier.

Critic's should've scored this one higher. It stands apart.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

To this day, Sir Michael Caine refuses to discuss this movie. Fun fact. I wonder why. Maybe it got too personal. Referring to his son by acting name rather than actor name as they run from the plane about to blow up for starters...

This was also apparently the American movie debut of Australian actress Angela Punch McGregor as Beth. Wonder what happened to her in this story. I don't think we ever saw it.


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