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The Jungle Gym Corona Guesthouse Island Dream

Had a weird dream earlier - though aren't they all? Typed it out before I forgot it...

It started by the commuter train in Bro, the residential area I currently reside in. Right before the train station there's a slope down towards the entrance, with a small parking area for bikes, and some trees and shrubbery on a side piece lawn.

In my dream that lawn was much wider, and on it: a jungle gym. The kind that looks like a netted dome, with thick metal bars that let you climb around easily.

It strikes me now that here in Sweden this type is really remarkably rare.

Though maybe they're rare everywhere now. Maybe they started switching out those metal bars with chain and plastic or cloth-based ones - and usually just a horizontal square embedded in a wooden frame - so I assume there's less risk of falling down and hurting yourself as you sometimes would with/or on those metal bars.

When I grew up abroad that metal dome was all the more common though. So anyway: that was the one in my dream. Nostalgia maybe.

There were a couple of younger kids there, but I decided to play around anyway, and probably did some stunts to impress them because they looked at me with respect and awe.

The sun was shining. It was a nice summery day - in great contrast to the present time real-life gray and dreary.

After a while I looked over at the board counting down the time to the next train - a relatively large black display with bright green numerals, right beside the sloping path down to the station entrance - and I realized I had just three minutes to go! Checking my pockets I realized I didn't have neither phone nor commuter card on me, and just three minutes... would it be enough to sprint home and back and catch that train?

I processed the thought as the seconds trickled away, and though my thought process started optimistic (in reality it'd take at least ten minutes home and back) I eventually resigned myself to the fact that I probably wouldn't make it after all.

At this point I'd started slowly walking towards the station entrance anyway though, and when I looked back: there was my card/wallet! On the ground. I'd left them there before I started hanging around on the jungle gym!

Time was of the essence now, so I bolted faster than I maybe ever have towards the station, so fast my feet barely touched the ground, yet suddenly the so very short slope down to the entrance started to stretch further and further away, as if to make room for my inhumanely speedy sprint which would otherwise probably not have been spatially possible.

To make things interesting a train was pulling up on each side of the platform when I rushed onto it - each one going in a different direction - and one was leaving, and the other just arriving, and I didn't know which I was supposed to catch! Both of them looked more like freight trains than commuter trains too. And that's where this particular bit of the dream ended.

Skip to Buddy Bear.

I was chilling at his place, participating in activities I do not in detail recall (but most probably food or movie related), and we started talking about housing, and his plans to maybe move.

We walked over to the door and looked out at the palm trees that swayed outside in a cool night breeze.

The entrance was level to the ground. His house looked a bit like a one-story apartment or bungalow at some tourist resort, and I reminisced over the views. Those palm trees...

Wouldn't he miss those? And that beach within walking distance? Nah, he said, he didn't get to see the sea after all. But then I looked a little to the left and you could clearly see the sea there. So close. I pointed this out and we both looked at it with fascination, the moon reflected upon the calm azure surface of the cove...

He actually lives in a pretty normal-looking apartment. Third floor. No water. No palm trees.

Next thing I know I'm in a similar apartment - if not the same one - but with a bunch of other people. The hostess, a neighbor up North we're all very fond of, comes over and we start talking about the Corona situation.

She feels like it's pretty odd that people don't really take social distancing seriously. Nobody's wearing a mask at the party, and nobody's really distancing either. The place is packed. When everyone arrived they were a bit more cautious but now it really is a full-on party, and nobody seems to mind. People done stopped caring.

I agree. We talk a bundle and have a great time.

In the middle of our conversation I get a video notification from @S3C, of this woman from what seems like an oddly civilized jungle tribe, going through some kind of ritual where she's submerged under water and learning to breath.

She's lying on her back in a shallow pool of clear water in a sandy excavation, with a group of tribesmen gathered around; witnessing the miracle.

They aren't forcing her. She's willingly submerged and actually seems to be breathing water.

The video starts a bit more ASMR-like though. You see only her lips, as she gives voice to the wisdoms of life... and I really wish I remembered the exact words here because at least in the dream they felt incredibly enlightening. The secret to life and all, uncovered in this brief very stylishly initiated red lipped ritual video...

Turns out this ritual is going on not too far off, so I head down this long sandy road that cuts through faraway plains and seems to never end...

On the way, on the mountainous plateau of what is now a far-off tropical island, a gang of criminals or pirates are fighting some unknown enemy.

It's a bit chaotic.

This one guy's trying to fence off a tiger with some weapon that really doesn't seem powerful enough to scare it (or no weapon at all? Not sure), but it does keep its distance... until he suddenly gets submerged in a sinkhole, with only his hands left above the ground. The tiger closes in for the kill... but somehow he manages to bring his upper body over the ground again, and is stabbing himself in the side. Not the tiger. Himself.

The tiger's gone.

Not sure what happened to everyone else, but a gathering of rich people are heading off in a helicopter. White-suit clad and suspicious-looking.

White, suit-clad and suspicious looking too, btw. As rich folks often are.

The long road is now gone, the tribe is forgotten, the guys who didn't embark on the chopper are nowhere to be seen, and the world is suddenly just that one tropical island again, with no roads or plains anywhere near, just endless sea on all sides and lush palm trees/shrubbery around me.

At the top of this high rounded island plateau there's a house, similar to Buddy Bear's unreal dreamy apartment bungalow, and the guesthouse I was just in, but the guests have changed again.

I'm not sure I know any of them now.

I realize there are large yellow plastic tanks roped to the side of a wall that runs around the property - the house surrounded by a small but very evenly distributed short-cut lawn before the wall, and though I don't think I ever say this out loud in the dream I realize they've rigged the whole island to blow, and all of us with it. Just so we don't reveal their plans!

What plans? I don't know. I'm not sure I ever did.

We need to get off the island though.

I find a kayak just hanging over a cliff - or more so the edge of a small ravine that digs into the island - which we start getting into; aiming to drop down from the cliff with and make it away safely.

I say "Wait! Shouldn't we rope ourselves down a bit?".

So we don't just fall out and all over the place, of course.

We start (or I start?) taking some of the surplus ropes that are wound around the tanks to tie us all in. I start thinking maybe we could even partially lower the kayak somewhat with the ropes before we let go. Now that I'm awake it dawns on me it would've been way better to just climb down the ropes. No kayak. Dream logic huh.

In the dream my mind does adjust the drop to the water a bit.

At first it's so incredibly high there's no way we'd realistically survive! You can barely see the bottom. The more I look the better it both seems and gets, and after a while it's just a short drop and we're home free! Rapid scale global warming.

But before this: We've gotta eat, so we gather all the food we can find.

There's a lot of packaged stuff, stashed away in all kinds of colorful bags and plastic coolers, and we've gathered this by the kayak, initially planning to take it with us. But there's no way we'll fit both us and this stuff in the kayak. There's maybe ten or twelve of us. So we have a snack, then remember the bombs and how we better really get a move on...

I just have to go take a piss, so I go within those walls that surround the house (both building and lawn are now empty - everybody else is by the kayak) and do my thing. It all seems so eerie and silent though, I get spooked and turn around, and there's a wolf there, silently creeping up on me along the side of the house, staring right at me...

I have no weapons. There's nothing I can do to protect myself. But in my dream I suppose I felt it was getting a bit too serious, so I turn around and attempt to piss on the wolf - with moderate success - and it runs away, apparently disgusted. Almost too easy to be true.

There's a little seal too btw. I don't know where I found it, but I carry it around since of course I have to take it off the island too, and it's great. I feed it rice cakes and some strange kind of blue Rice Krispies kind of snack that I wouldn't ever eat myself considering it's probably just packed chock-full of Azo dyes and those usually give me allergic reactions... but the seal doesn't seem to mind. It appreciates everything I give it.

Don't know how we get off the island but moments later we're home free, and I'm in my local bathtub hanging out with my seal.

Now that's a dream.

Cyberdevil seal of approval.


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