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The Keeper (2009)

The Keeper (2009)

One more Steven Seagul movie! What makes it somewhat different from most (B-)movies is how it starts with one plot that'd usually fill an entire movie: one cop betraying another over a lot of money, leaving him for dead and fleeing with the money only to realize the main character survived, going back to finish the job and getting finished instead. Was that.. DMX? Nope, apparently he's Brian Keith Gamble. They do look alike. Anyway, moving back to the plot...

A while later, Seagul's gone through rehab, has gotten kicked off the force and visits an old buddy to bodyguard his daughter. She's hanging out with a boxer lowlife, she gets kidnapped, things go down. Overall, it's not particularly good but not particularly bad either, an action movie in the masses, that manages to capture the atmosphere sometimes - but not always, throws in a few amazing busts to spice things up, a few gunfights, and a highly predictable plot. That's about it! The bodyguard movie stereotype again, with Seagul acting the father-type figure.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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