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The Kung Fu Master (1994)

The Kung Fu Master (1994)

Overturn Ching and Restore Ming - opening slogan.

One year after Iron Monkey they made this! It could've been a good one.
It starts good. The martial arts are good. It's a story of political rivalry and intrigue, and of a rebel, who much like the Iron Monkey fights for what's good, and there's a son who's reckless and wants to open a martial arts school, yet doesn't seem to understand the political situation, and the feud between Han and Ming that just won't allow it.

It almost seems like two separate stories that somewhere intertwine, with how light-heartedly it starts - a little son and father rebellion, to suddenly being about the Sun and Moon sect and a plot to kill the emperor.

And whatever happened to that? Loose ends. One of many.

The fights redeem it a bit, but you can understand this one isn't one of the ones that came to be remembered. Even with the included and very unexpected Wu Tang reference!

 rated 3/5: not bad


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