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The Last Movie (1971)

The Last Movie (1971)

Kris Kristofferson first movie was 'The Last Movie'. Aint that an awesome start to an acting career? :D He only makes a short appearance, sitting on a rock singing a song, but he must've made a convincing appearance because after that he definitely gained momentum.

This movie is about a film shoot in Peru. It goes bad and a stuntman dies, and our main character, Kansas, hangs around and falls in love (or so I thought) with Maria, a prostitute, but it's a love full of trouble; conflicting emotion. When they're making love the village priest always seems to stumble upon them, but it's not really a comedy, it's a thriller with a strange kind of satire and self-critique.

The people in the movie where the film is shot, they don't stop filming. They don't have cameras, but they keep going all the same, and they shoot it for real, not differentiating between film and reality. They fight for real, they hurt each other, they wreck havoc and eventually it all boils down to the main event, to 'el muerto'. The final piece of the movie. Kansas is in bad shape, Maria keeps telling him it's just for fun, but do they really get that it's just a movie? Or are they actually planning to kill him, just like that other stuntman?

It ends before we know, but until then it's a voyage through relations, beautiful sceneries of what I suppose is Peru, some interesting nude scenes - under a waterfall, a lactating tit, etc. Along all this there are overtones of violence and hopelessness, and a main character who cares more about profit than about Maria; doesn't seem to care at all. Does he care? What's his care? It's a captivating voyage even if I'm a bit disappointed at the ending, at how it ends without ending, leaving the viewer not as hopeful as I'd like that maybe, maybe it was just for fun after all.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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