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The Last Poem Of The Year

The last poem of the year... it ought to be something special!
But when midnight came we doused the light.
The fireworks hit the night, fell back,
Against these darkened times they attacked.

I planned, today, to rhyme on a track,
I made an animation, I uploaded a song,
I threw together a game, all this amidst the bed breaks,
On the final day of the year - I woke up with a headache.

I wrote a blog for this newest start,
I uploaded ten works of art, I wrote,
Responded and read the news,
And almost too left reviews.

But I did not write a poem!
Not until the day was through, until all lights were out at two,
Until the year doth start anew. Two Thousand Fifteeen!!
A time I've only seen - in my dreams.


So, technically I missed the deadline, stayed awake past bed time, but that's OK, it's been a blast these past... 364 days, each a well-timed dose of prose you know. ;) Some days were easier than others, some poems were more fun to write, but I always wrote something and feel like I managed my goal, the thing this project is about, more than the poetry itself: to stay creative. That it generated some prose I'm impressively proud about is a bonus!

Check back on this category in a week or two on for a planned summary of the year, a list of favorite poems etc etc. For now, next year is starting, and with it Project 2015 - it's a rhyme book - a little archive of bits and pieces of unfinished lyricism and rhyme. Thank you 2014, and onto the New Year's Challenge!!


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