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The LEGO Movie (2014)

The LEGO Movie (2014)

I didn't even know they were making a movie with LEGOs until just recently - recommended by an old friend that I watch it, and I'm glad I did! It's great.

The visual aspect of the movie is incredibly truthful to regular LEGO, and though it is all made digitally (well, most of it - prepare for a twist), it mimics the building process with stopmotion style in a way that I first felt was a bit of a visual limitation, but eventually really lived into. Even the water's made up of bricks (the little round ones, you know) and supposedly everything in this LEGO universe is made up of actual LEGO blocks, though digital ones, so all of it is totally build-able IRL.

The story follows a very normal guy. A guy so normal and lacking any distinctive features, that people paradoxically consider themselves to be more normal than he is. He lives in complete ignorance of this fact, thinks life is awesome, and fits (at least he thinks he does) perfectly into the incredibly systematical world of LEGO, until one day he stumbles upon a real wild character, falls down a hole and finds a special brick that sticks to his back.

That's the foundation for all that's to come, and from there on out things get crazy, with a mad mixture of fictional characters (most of whom we already know through other movies, games, etc - only some of them unique to the LEGO universe) and a larger scheme of evil that just keeps building as the blocks pile high. We soon discover that the world he knows is just a facade of a much larger world - a part of a conspiracy involving the lives of everyone in the city. And then... things take a twist for the unexpected!

It was a dually refreshingly different and predictable movie at the same time, though for a while a bit disappointing in how the characters break out of the universe I expected the entire movie to stay confined within, that of imagination. Potential reality. That one that keeps the characters on a real fictional plane, rather than just a fragment of our own imagination. Though they did manage to enhance the reality of it a bit, even in the real world (by making the LEGO man remain conscious entity even when he's steered by a higher power). So even if in the end the characters have no control over what they're doing and have the potential to instantly be pushed into a system or consumed by menacing Duplo monsters, I'm glad they took the story outside the box. It's a bit like the real world, huh? I see where that symbolism is coming from! Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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