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The Lovely Hateful Hot Summer

What warmth!

I'm up late. All windows open. Managed to revise and post another dose of long overdue reviews, and am reluctantly about to head off to bed as soon as I finish writing this. Fortunately the nights are still cooler than the days, but it takes a while for the heat to leave the house, and when it finally starts to cool down... it's day again, and it heats up, and so goes the cycle.

On the bright side at least there's sunshine! On the plus I hear corona can't stand the heat either, so maybe this wave will kill off some bacteria too. It's about to get even warmer tomorrow though, over 30°C for three days straight, and for us cool folks with easily heatable thin wooden houses with dark roofs and no heat tolerance at all save for sauna, it's just too hot. I'm ready to move my mattress down to the bottom floor and sleep behind the sofa if need be. Maybe move down the computer too if it comes to a point where I just can't focus on doing what I'm supposed to here. I'm already slower than normal but... hanging on. Staying hydrated. I can do this.

That new platform at work btw? Nope, not yet. Maybe tomorrow; if not tomorrow hopefully the day after, or the day after that, because next week I leave. July 2. What a burden to get off my shoulders it'd be if we could get this platform launched with time to spare for occasional errors that might appear post-launch. I started writing this post two weeks ago, and just that felt way too short at this point. Down to one and ticking now, and heatwave in the midst...

Plenty of household dues that need handling before that departure too, and as much online hobby shizzle as possible with what time's left, plus of course: gotta move. The fat won't sweat away itself. I've been taking daily bike rides instead of walks - even the warm breeze relieves.

I'm emptying the freezer before I leave and I believe that - with the previously impending covid-19 pandemic potentially closing down society and life as we know it - we may have filled the freezer a bit more than we usually do when vacation usually looms and time usually comes to defrost it. Plans weren't so definitive this year. I find myself eating a bit more than I usually do now, even though I know it's not like somebody can't take care of whatever leftovers get left here. Or worst case: wait till I get back with the defrost mission.

Also I finished Naruto, and have moved onto Chrono Crusade since. More on that in some other post. For now I'm a attempt to persevere through this imminent dose of surplus warmth, and maybe go through a few more reviews if time allows it. Also don't miss this GOG giveaway.

Summer's great, but you really need a lake to handle certain summer days with a certain wonder/grace... or air conditioning.


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/24/2020

    Just 30 C? That's average temperature. A good temperature for leaving bananas out to ripen. Then again a few months ago it was 21 C and I was turning the heat on... Well cases are spiking in Arizona (dry heat) and Florida (humid heat) so not sure how much credence there is to that COVID're house isn't air conditioned?

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Jun/24/2020

    Daaaaamn. :/ You're bound to have some kind of air conditioning over there though no? Crazy that 21°C can seem cold though, seems like just the right level of hazy summer heat, spending time outside and feelin' alive! Up till around 24's alright personally, past that everything starts slowing down. At least indoors.

    Guess the covid heat thing may be a myth then. Or maybe air-conditioned locales interfere with potential large-scale heat-based bacteria death.

    Nah air conditioning has never been a thing over here, houses are usually only equipped with some kind of heating. Winter's the big thing. Makes me wonder if it's not getting warmer and warmer overall, admittedly I spent a big chunk of life abroad but even since I don't really remember summers being like this...

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