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The Man Who Reads Nothing At All...

The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.

Have I become more cynical lately...?


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  1. S3C
    Friday Nov/20/2020

    If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do, you're misinformed.

  2. Andreas Johansson
    Friday Nov/20/2020

    You growing wiser. Newspapers is not (necessarily) reflecting the reality. They are driven by owners-directive. It's all about formation of opinion. Modern warfare are to a huge extent information.

  3. Cyber
    Friday Nov/20/2020

    Mark Twain hmm, don't mind if I borrow that for a future quotes post @S3C. ;)

  4. Cyber
    Friday Nov/20/2020

    And heeey Andreas! :D Awesome to see you stopping by here too! Been wondering how you've been doing lately.

    For sure, so much propaganda, and at least it seems like the level of it just keeps increasing lately, the deep-digging and/or life-staking journalism I used to be impressed by, at least in certain fields, is rarely there, it's like Nils Horner was our last hope, till that fateful day in Kabul a few years back...

    Different areas different interests though of course, maybe all aren't as skewed, but even things like the latest cyclone in the Philippines seem to be falsely reported on now. Good to have some contacts around the world; get a first-person account of how serious things really are/get the opportunity to then see how heavy influences each individual topic may be subject to... maybe I never had as much reason to question the media in the past as I do these days though. :)

    It all amounts. The falsities they feed us.

  5. S3C
    Saturday Nov/21/2020

    hey what's up GTA: San Andreas Johansson

    The man who wears nothing at all is un-uniformed.
    The man with three heads, five legs, and one arm is deformed.
    The man who lives on Mars will can only do because it is terraformed.
    The man who lives in Mesopotamia and doesn't read newspapers is because there are no newspapers, just tablets that are cuneiformed.
    The man who wakes up in a dark basement has been chloroformed.
    The man who leaves a Nordic prison is likely reformed.
    The man who leaves an American prison is likely unreformed.
    The man losing in a tennis match has been outperformed.
    The man granted animorph capabalities and chooses to change into a starfish is actiniformed.
    The man who writes newspapers is misinformed.
    The man who reads and accepts whatever is in newspapers is conformed (and bluepilled).

  6. Cyber
    Saturday Nov/21/2020

    Not sure about the Nordic prison one man. :) But the man who leaves such an establishment is most likely out of form, considering how good food they get; how luxury a lifestyle they lead here. But just sign the form and you're out of there. Adhere to violent scores and you're in for a round of more!

    Redpill swallow. Bird of freedom. The wise or the dead will. GTA San and/or Andreas lands. And inspiration strikes like a Cruella de Vil.

  7. Cyber
    Saturday Nov/21/2020

    Learned new terminology there too btw, cuneiform hmm. Lingo of the ancients fo rizzle.

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