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The Marine 2 (2009)

The Marine 2 (2009)

The second one's the terrorist one. The main actor's changed from John Cena to Ted DiBiase Jr, who isnt bad, but it's a noticeable downgrade to me, and the budget doesn't seem quite on par with the last one either. They're in a cheaper location - exotic resort though it may be, and don't move around enough to give it the same variation or sense of pace as last time. And the main dude just doesn't have the same pondus.

There is Michael Rooker, though! Props on bringing in one of those guys that really contribute to whatever movie they're a part of. His is a minor role but a well-played one.

In the end you know how it goes. The Marine loses his wife, goes all out Rambo, gets her back and saves the day, and has a tough time doing so.

It's not the most inventive progression, but there's nothing wrong with the action, even if the choreography isn't all as polished as it was last time around, the explosions are fewer, and there are no cars. Not that the latter bit's a bad thing - though I guess I miss the more vehicular chase.

It also starts with a flashback and quick relational bonding, just like last time, and pretty much follows the exact same formula until the end. That it's a fancy island resort doesn't help. It feels used already.

I'm not impressed with the filming, nor with the actors, nor with the story, and I'm pretty surprised that the rating even comes close to the last one. Misleading score or no, though, I guess they learned to mix things up a bit after this, and for what it's worth it's a decent second take. It's just not new, and not better, and it doesn't even have Cena.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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