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The Marine 2 (2009)

The Marine 2 (2009)

Ted DiBiase Jr. is the marine in this one, and Lara Cox the wife. I guess John Cena was busy with 12 Rounds... but that worked out well on his part, the latter movie offered much more than this one did. For this sequel they've added a lot of hostages (compared to just the one in the previous), an even more exotic location (if swamp counts as exotic in the previous), but rather than the chase the scenery in this one is static, it's just the one place, the hostages are locked in, the terrorists are there; a large chunk of element-of-surprise is added in the knowledge that this is where it's going to go down. This is it. The scenario is all map out.

Compared to the previous one I feel it lacks the intensity of the chase. There's a lot of waiting, testing patience, planning and eventually a lot of people getting killed. And although the scale of the action's been increased since the prequel, the action isn't half as flashy. I can't help but compare Ted DiBiase Jr. to John Cena, and he doesn't have the same charm nor the same ferociousness of the previous. He doesn't run as fast. He doesn't hold the weapon correctly. He doesn't barge in through the door like he owns the place. More realistic? Maybe, but definitely not as intense and fast-paced.

IMVHO the first one was way better, way way way better... but this one wasn't bad.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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