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The Marine 3 - Homefront (2013)

The Marine 3 - Homefront (2013)

Feels like this was the last one before they found their way again. The second was the one with the same story, and formula, and this was the one without a number as to maybe not make it seem like just a sequel - just in case it wouldn't hold, all the while trying to abide to the same story as the last one but with a few new twists? It feels a bit like a half-assed attempt, but after (and with) this they were definitely back on track.

And this is where Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin is first introduced. He takes over the lead role from here on out, and it's a solid introduction. He goes all in from the very first movie, and finally we have a valid replacement for the original Cena. Neal McDonough plays the villain too, and a good one at that. One somewhat big name for each of the first three.

The movie does follow a similar route as the previous did, combining elements from both the first two with 1.) Big heist and 2.) Idealistic terrorists, and the marine coming home... all of those same old same old things, but this time it reintroduces them in a good way.


There's a bit more focus on the family, locations switch up a bit, and the action choreography is definitely moving up again too. It feels like The Miz takes some real risks in some scenes. He really does his character justice as: that guy who just gives his all for those he loves. And the main location being a run-down boat feels like a refreshing change of scenery; somewhat similar to the exotic but dangerous swamps of the first.

It feels like a new beginning, and I'm happy to say the sequels played out well from here on out. Good cast, good action, though maybe still a bit tighter a budget than the first... but it's good enough. It's a solid.

That intro too. It almost has me starting to like Country.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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