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The Marine 5 - Battleground (2017)

The Marine 5 - Battleground (2017)

This one really reminded me of one of the recent Purge movies. The ambulance thing. The horror vibe.

It is definitely also the first action movie I see where mid-sequence the good guy does a blood transfusion in an elevator. One problem though: How did he know what blood group the other guy had?

There are other loose ends too, like Alonzo not wanting to take the guy alive in the beginning - or at least not acting like he did. Did he start to suspect something along the way? But these details, the surplus bullets that don't hit, the fake CGI smoke and the somewhat drawn-out search were the only things I didn't really like about this movie. Overall it's solid action, with a tough mofo as main character, good twists, a somewhat cliche theme park setting, but thought-out angles and locations otherwise. Most of it's in a parking garage though. Maybe that says something.

It might not be like the first but it still has that essence of it, of the guy who really goes overboard to do what he has to. That hero vibe. Real shit. Die Hard on a budget but without the whining.

I'm starting to like this Miz guy. Also: he plays against his real-life wife in this one! Might be fun to know when you see it. Try to figure out who it is.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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