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The Martian (2015)

The Martian (2015)

Awesome movie. Matt Damon was great, and his performance all the more impressive since he played most of the movie solo, but everyone did a good job. The plot's pretty basic: a man (that's Matt) gets stranded on Mars, left for dead, doesn't know what to do, starts planning ahead, and things start happening!

It's a pretty inspiring space movie by the master of space movies: Ridley Scott, and in difference from movies like Interstellar or Moon it feels pretty authentic. It feels like this could actually happen within a foreseeable future, and I suppose the recent ideas of colonization of Mars might have kickstarted the idea as well. If the lack of fiction and fantasy is a good thing or not is left for you to decide (personally I liked the aforementioned movies more), but there's no notable flaws in the logic herein. The science checks out. Mars looks beautiful, dialog is witty and clever (occasionally bleak and hopeless), and the world plays audience to further enforce the sense of isolation and bravado of our stranded Marsian as he eventually nears home. There are plenty of plot twists, but the rest goes as you'd expect it. It's just that kind of movie, the kind you wonder if NASA might've sponsored. :) Great watch nevertheless.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. S3C
    Friday Aug/10/2018

    I went into this movie only knowing that Matt Damon starred in it and expected it to be about an alien, but instead it's a more optimistic Castaway...set in space. Nonetheless, a good film! And it doesn't just focus on Damon's survival, but the stories of Earth and the spacecraft that lies in between intersect as well. I haven't seen Moon and Interstellar yet- but I totally agree; the plot and science could convincingly be non-fiction in the near future, and Damon's video blogs are almost educational. Not as intense, detailed, and seamlessly crafted together like the space film Gravity, but overall a more full cinematic experience.

  2. Cyber
    Friday Aug/10/2018

    Mmm it's down to earth in an unearthly way huh? ;) Like Castaway but in a more optimistic space: that pretty much sums it up!

    Moon and Interstellar were both great too btw. Much recommended if you don't mind some heavier sci-fi, and Moon has a similarly isolated POV.

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