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The Meaning Of Life

The Meaning Of Life

I have this inspiring calendar page prepped up against the wall right now - courtesy of my mom, I think. Someone placed it above the printer, prepped in place with help of a leftover keyboard, and there it stands, and radiates truth. It´s a mean little kick of motivation.

The meaning of life: what´s yours today?


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  1. S3C
    Friday Mar/4/2016

    What is the meaning of life??
    I once had a wise man tell me there is no truth in the universe
    The pinnacle of conscience is not a blessing but a curse
    Some ***** derive meaning from a bible verse
    While some just try to avoid ending up being in the back seat of a hearse

    Seventy, eight, ninety years
    I'll waste my time running from fears
    Life's nothing but a path of repentance
    Fear the man in the sky or face an eternal death sentence

    What is the meaning of life??
    Is it just one long journey to veer from strife??
    Whatever you want it to be??
    Implying that I can live free??
    But freedom is just an illusion
    Life is just a prolonged delusion

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Mar/5/2016

    The meaning is what you make it though! All that's at stake is your life, and you make it mean twice as much if you live like: all you´re really staking is dough? I keep thinking money money but I'm mistaking it though.

    I'm mistaking reality. I'm mistaking my place. I get caged in my brace shoving mistakes in my face. But really I just brace myself for these mistakes that I've made, ironic: if I didn't brace my mistakes I'd evade.

    Iconic! That's what I aim to be some day, I'll be made! And by that I don't mean rich, but maybe so able and great, I'll have a halo! And radiate this greatness and change, and people's lives will all change, as soon as they see my face. I'm wide awake. Seeing meaning: whatever meaning I make. Yeah!

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