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The Mercenary (2019)

The Mercenary (2019)

Feels like the spaghetti western era's back, but with a new touch! In modern time. And with a little more action. A new clutch. They're packing the Mac's for... a new rush. Is this mayhaps war? In Pakistan happens things or... whatever land this man is in, let the hand of mad begin.

It starts with slaughter.

One after the other.

Max is masterful at the art of killing, but one day it becomes too much - a comrade tries to kill him - he's left for dead, and in the throes of death he's saved by a priest, starts working at a church, and though you never really know what's going on in his mind it seems like he's found a new path.

Or that at least he's trying to.

Yet his past catches up to him, his former team come back and cause trouble, and his way turns to violence once again. Peace turns to protest. Humans turn to flesh and blood, and Max is left with no option than to do God's bidding another way.


I'm not usually one for religious films but this is something else. It's gritty and peaceful at the same time, with an eerie kind of atmosphere that both reminds me of the old West and of games like Resident Evil 4. I love the mood! I love the fights! The choreography's not all perfect but playful, in a sometimes grotesque kind of way, and it looks real. They manage.

As the credits toll it fades away with a dedication to the director's friends in the French Legion, and the spooky main melody carries on the mood there for a while yet. Feels all the more real for it.

What a gem. Simple but powerful. Only thing that looks a little fake is that burnt-out church.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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