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The Mighty Net #2

Yahoo and Google combined! The greatest search engine ever just got even better! Now you can search through both google and yahoos directories at the same time. Find twice as much as you need! Check it out -

- Gahoo Yoogle . COM

Downloading youtube videos? Is that even possible? Sure it is! The internet has no limits. Heres the tool for you -

- Mobi Tools . COM / YOUTUBE

Emanuelo Feronato.
Visit the website and you'll be sure to learn a few new things about programming and design. Interested in knowing how to create a lightbox effect with only CSS? Or ragdoll effects with flash? Or throwing a ball with a sling physics? More of that stuff at -

- Emaneulo Feronato . COM

Ebaums world Sucks! And that's a fact. Community, list of alternatives, and one of the greatest flash animations created. All can be found at their new domain -


Cool news about the latest of hightech gadgets, etc, all at -

- Hight3ch . COM

People with interesting links to share, send them in! Links will be reviewed and all quality ones published in "the Mighty Net" listings. Contact link is in the menu to the right >


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