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The Movie Review That Never Was

I woke up thinking about a movie review that I'd written in my head. Or visualized. I thought I wrote down notes for it on this square of toilet paper on my bedside table but apparently I hadn't, and I realized in the dream that it wasn't a movie that I was reviewing at all, it was just a dream.

It started out in a parking lot, in some Northern city.

I was driving around with my mom and sister, and my sister noted how there were only old cars up here... in a somewhat derogatory way. I said something along the lines of: but that's why I love it here! Because we don't have any of those chunky; ungainly cars you have down South. These cars actually have metal chassis. They're real cars. Plus every third car or so is a SAAB. Was it every third car though? Maybe SAAB was a bit less common?

Anyway the season was winter, and the landscape snowy - though not overly so, and we drove around an open block surrounded by low apartment complexes and buildings. The roads were wide, as were the pavements, and there was a rectangular parking lot in the middle with a looot of cars.

The low and open landscape made it feel all the more icy.

Moments later it's sunny. Summer. California maybe. We venture into a city a little bigger than the last, and a little more dangerous.

I'm with two buddies now instead of family, though I don't recall exactly who. We run into a gang, and for some reason two of us decide to climb a very steep hill with one of them. I'm not a part of that particular expedition, but I trust it'll be alright as one of the buddies I sent along with the other gang leader has a horrible scar on his back - no idea as to what or where that came from, if ever I'd dreamt of him before, but I really trusted him. The scar was irrevocable and awe-inducing proof.

During the climb I think I am one of the guys after all. We're headed up a very steep and grassy hillside. The gang member leading the way is in incredible shape I think as we move upward, but so are we, as we follow him easily. I might've been as surprised as I was mostly because I'm really not in that good shape in real life, but it is a dream so...

A way up the hill he turns around and asks us for something. I don't recall what it was, but we're suspicious, thinking maybe this is when he'll make his move... when suddenly a man, sitting in a tree with a rifle, reveals himself beside us.

He's on our side. He's the law, possibly, and the gang leader doesn't have a chance. I wonder if maybe I'm a gang leader myself though.

The dream switches over to the gang house, where another friend is left with the gang, and gets on friendly terms with them by taking control over the kitchen, and selling and/or making them something, don't recall what. He's Asian btw. Very friendly. It seems like a parody of sorts. The tough gang members all gather around, and suddenly they're kind and gullible and they're all laughing and having the time of their lives...

Switch over to a school, where all students apparently have to move through security, and it's this one kid's fault. He's the son of a police man I think, but maybe he is one himself too, because as he passes security he shows his badge, only it's a credit card, but he knows it's an ID card in the dream. A golden MasterCard.

Two guards look it over closely and let him through. He's only allowed to carry the weapons he carries because of that badge, which really isn't a badge, which really is a problem. But in the dream it wasn't, even though the reason they had that security check in the first place was in fact specifically because he had said weaponry.

I'm not the gang member up on the mountain any longer. In fact I'm not even sure I'm part of a gang. I meet up with my mom by a market, she has a table there that I take over as she moves off to manage some other errands, but the ladies she was with are on their way away somewhere and soon I'm headed off in a car with them. We're driving to meet up with my mom though. Some kind of meet. Hopefully not a gang-related one.

I managed to sift through some boxes before we took off in the car, and though I don't recall what they contained now that I'm awake I do remember there some items of interest there...

And that's the dream. Woke up and tried to memorize at least the essential parts of it to write down but certain details have now withered away.

It's Sunday, and day. Just posted, this late.


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  1. S3C
    Thursday Dec/30/2021

    Oh cool you dreamed it

  2. Cyber
    Thursday Dec/30/2021

    That's why the reviews have been a bit lacking here lately maybe, I'm just dreaming 'em now.

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