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The Movie Reviews Writing Break

Been writing movie reviews all day. Or trying to. Trying to keep my discipline going.

I took a trip to the grocery store first, and then another trip for a package since I shopped too much food to fetch it on the same trip, then I lay out on the terrace and tried to get some sun before the (predicted) rain came in, reading a book while I was there. Sublime multitasking moments.

The clouds came in, the rain came in, and I went in.

At 18:00 the rain was supposed to stop and hold for about an hour. It stopped, so I went out for a by-now-way-overdue jog (life in Stockholm seems to turn into some kind of self-destructive sleep-deprived martyr-like style of life in which I eat too much, buy crappy food, move too little, fuel my days with distractions and get stressed over petty things way too easily), when halfway through the rain set in.

It poured. The thunder crackled in the distance. I took refuge under a pine tree and thought about how you're not supposed to stand under trees when there's thunder - but it wasn't that close by.

I thought I'd meditate a bit. De-stress. I put my palm against the crude bark of the pine, trying to tap into its inner energy. I listened and watched the falling rain. I leaned against the tree as it closed in and the room for shelter shrunk. I punched the raindrops a bit and jumped around, but stopped since I feel like I'm in pretty shit shape right now. I am not actually in that shitty shape... yet, but it's not improving. I ate a bag of chips for lunch.

Then I got impatient and jogged home in the torment, took a shower for fear of the thousands of ticks I might've brushed up against on my wild run through the wet grass, though I'm not sure they like to sit on wet grass, and here I am typing up these reviews again. The rain's stopped now.

Or rather I'm: finishing, publishing, and revising retrospectively. A simple but time-consuming and wrong-order process.

The sun sets outside, coloring the sky red and purple. I try to take some pictures through the blinds but it's hard to capture. I take a bundle anyway. I manage a few really good ones. I then sit down again with the intention to keep going with the reviews. Hope to finish at least six more, and then maybe I can watch a movie. Just felt like writing something betweentimes.

Just learned a new word there thanks to spellcheck! There you go.


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