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The Mysteriously Unmovable FileZilla.xml

Two new computers arrived at work yesterday, and I was assigned the appreciative task of moving over stuff from the old ones and getting them ready. They were prepped with Windows 10, and the old computers with Windows 7, so no total migration, just move over the important files and re-install the most important programs.

Everything went swell (is that an abbreviation for 'so well', btw? Just dawned on me...) until I came to FileZilla.

I had to carry over some logins, and since they're now encrypted I couldn't just copy the credentials, plus it'd be easier to just copy over everything at the same time anyway. So I exported the logins as an .xml file, dragged it to the external drive I use to move stuff between computers, and moved on to the new computer I was to move said information to...

File wasn't there. No FileZilla.xml

Strange. Maybe you can't copy files to the main directory on the drive? Maybe there's some kind of write protection there...? I know I have had files in the main directory before but... maybe that's it...

Went back. Dragged the file into a subdirectory on the external drive. Back to the new computer.

Nothing there! So maybe... I unplugged the drive too fast? It didn't fully complete the moving operation, and so although I thought it was done it really wasn't? Or could it be that the FileZilla.xml file has some kind of copy protection that doesn't actually allow it to be moved to other computers?

Third try. This time I dragged that file into a bundle of folders. If the final move didn't register, surely the earlier ones would. If there was some directory problem, surely one of them would work anyway. So once again I get back to the new computer and... no .xml files. None of them.

At this point I gave up on that external drive.

Actually I gave up completely. I didn't import the settings at all, I figured I'd fetch the login info from my own computer, where I might have it lying around in plain text somewhere. But I didn't. Either I needed to create a new login and replace it on all computers, or somehow get that file to the new computers after all...

OneDrive. Aha. We use it as a budget NAS of sorts, with the same account connected to all computers. I dragged the config file into the main folder there aaaaand... nothing happened. It didn't upload. There's still no FileZilla.xml in the OneDrive folder. Does OneDrive maybe not support or allow .xml files? What is going ON?!

I did other stuff for a while, fixed up the second computer, but again time came for that FileZilla configuration, so what to do... I have a smaller thumbdrive lying around as well, so I tried that. Went back to the same computer as earlier, fetched the file, plugged it into the new computer...

And there it was! No problem. File import was a piece of cake.

That was that. But to this day I do still wonder... about what was going on with that mysterious .xml file.

This was yesterday btw. Have a good weekend.


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