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The National Swedish Day Spring

Happy Swedish National Day y'all! It is that.

Raised a table flag for the occasion. 🇸🇪


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/7/2023

    All of a seem obssesed with springs

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Jun/7/2023

    I do like to have a Spring in my step particularly in Spring! For summer! This year seems kinda Offspring though.

  3. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/7/2023

    Werent you supposed to have offspring this year

  4. Cyber
    Wednesday Jun/7/2023

    Is that... something I resolved to do some year prior?! XD That probably would make life pretty springy hmm... not yet.

  5. biterr
    Wednesday Jun/14/2023

    Happy Swedish day!

  6. Cyber
    Tuesday Jun/20/2023

    Happy Swedish day biterr! Cool to see you stopping by still!

  7. Cyber
    Tuesday Jun/20/2023

    ...or maybe the comments just finally started working again? Hope that's not still continually bugging out...

  8. biterr
    Wednesday Jun/21/2023

    I never stopped visiting ur blog. My comments sometimes get submited and sometimes not.

  9. Cyber
    Wednesday Jun/21/2023

    Aw man. :/ Gotta be some kind of firewall thing kicking in when it doesn't work, if it's no local issue, was hoping it'd solved itself...

    I can nae replicate this issue...

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