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The New Firefox Megabar Again

The Address Bar

So a while back Mozilla introduced this to their browser, and with their most recent release (77) they removed the option to remove this option.

What do? Apparently you can override visual settings by creating your own CSS stylesheet for your browser. The simplified steps:

  1. Download this rules file.
  2. Open up about:support in your browser to find your profile folder, and click the button to go there.
  3. If no folder named chrome exists here: create it, and move the file downloaded above here, renaming it to simply userChrome.css.
  4. If you have a chrome folder already, and a userChrome.css file inside it, simply copy the content from userChrome-ZeroEnlargement.css into the bottom of this file instead.
  5. Finally open up about:config and search for userprof. If this is false, set it to true. If it doesn't exist you can ignore this step.

That's it! The fix should work again.

If you need a bit more in-depth instructions you'll find those via the link above. You can open CSS files with Notepad to preserve the formatting.

That's all.


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