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The New Firefox Megabar

So FireFox recently updated their address bar, to go from this:

The Address Bar this massive thing:

The Megabar

And I don't like it.

Also notice the Facebook link, displayed here even though I don't use Facebook. I haven't logged in in over two years now, and even when I did it was rarely, for work-related dues only. I don't have it in my bookmarks. I haven't been there recently. I do stumble onto FB profiles and groups occasionally, but not often enough that it should be at the top of my browsing history. I wonder if they're getting paid for this...

The update notes say this about the new bar:

The Update Note

But you know what? I'm not using a laptop. I have a wide screen and precision mouse.

The update also hides https:// and www prefixes from URLs in the dropdown, and as a developer I really like to see those.

So, if you for any similar or other purpose also feel a need to disable this unnecessary new monstrosity, you can do so by typing about:config in the address bar, accepting the risk, and searching for browser.urlbar.​update1, toggling this, and optionally other options related to it, to false.

The https thing is separate apparently. You'll need to toggle browser.urlbar.trimURLs to toggle that.

That's it. All like it should be, though I wonder if the earlier version was really this wide after all...


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