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The New Vademecum

What the hell. Sorbitol? Glycerol?

Vademecum has been the, despite the name, one untainted brand of mouthwash we have, with a long and noble history, with a Royal warrant of appointment, derived way back in 1897, with a sublime mixture of mint and alcohol and other (non-artificial) compounds that together made it the ideal solution for not just getting a fresh breath, but soothing sun burn, mosquito bites, chapped lips, and pretty much anything you could throw at it.

Suddenly they've decided to throw in some sage, and chamomile, and sorbitol (to make it sweet) and glycerol (to I don't know what the hell that does but it's probably not good for you), to produce a milder, watered down but well-tasting variant of the old classic, now served in a revamped 75 ml bottle instead of the traditional 50 ml, no longer suitable for any size of hand, that both tastes and looks and feels like any of the other bullshit mouthwash brands out there yet is still marketed as the 'Classic'.

They've had spin-off variants before, with green coloring, and toothpastes, and I don't know what more, but as far as I know this is the first time they've modified the original and kept marketing it under the same name. And their Swedish website doesn't even work (which I was planning to visit and via the contact form ask the very necessary why?!). The site's written on their new bottle.

But what would you expect from Schwarzkopf? Their business is hair. Let someone who knows what they're actually doing stick to preserving cultural heritage, good oral health, and quality no-nonsense brands with a previous plethora of not-officially-marketed usage areas that have been common knowledge among Swedish families for generations. First it was Bisalva, and now this. It's a sad day.

Like how Opera went Vivaldi, or GB SIA: I only hope an unofficial variant that does the original one justice will surface again.


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  1. S3C
    Thursday May/11/2017

    LOL what a name!! what did the vampire say to his wife after she gave him a prostate massage

    never used mouthwash's a common drink though amongst homeless alcoholics...

    sage: wtf!
    chamomile: don't know what that is
    sorbitol: know what that is by experience, sadly...I ate an entire bag of sugar-free sorbitol twizzlers on a plane once...the digestive results were disastrous to say the least...sorbitol is not only an artificial sweetener but an potent laxative to say the least...
    glycerin/glycerol: anything ending with -ol is a sugar alcohol btw. so like sorbitol, glycerol also has sweetening properties. It's also used as lubricant for foods IIRC. It's generally a neutral ingredient, but you're not consuming mouthwash anyway. I try to avoid glycerin as a name because -in suffix is typically associated with protein molecules.

    wtf?? why would one use mouthwash to treat sunburn and mosquito bites

    classic mouthwash: just soap & water. given to me as a child when I said bad words...hence why I censor expletives out of fear lol.

    the coloring usually signifies the flavor:
    white: original mint
    blue: cool mint
    green: spearmint
    purple: fresh mint
    red: cinnamon
    yellow: lemon

    I would expect them to be back...speak with an accent. lift lots of weights. erase, terminate, and totally recall different things. run for governor of California...make B-movie flicks with other action-movie stars later in life....or was that a different Schwarz...but from you're review it seems like the Kindergarten Cop would do a finer job of managing this company than the hair-care guys...

  2. Cyber
    Thursday May/11/2017

    In retrospect they could definitely have chosen a better one. XD It's actually an English word though, meaning: a handbook or guide that is kept constantly at hand for consultation. Also it's from 1897, not 1987. Little typo there...

    Oh! Another interesting use. Maybe it's to prevent that they add in unhealthy shit like glycerol huh.

    Sage is great for the throat. Salvia officinalis, if there are other types?

    Man you don't know Chamomile?! :O It's the #1 herbal tea whenever you feel off. Can also be used for eyes: cook up tea, filter out any remaining particles/leaves/stuff, let it cool aaand ready to rinse with.

    XD I've had similar experiences with Xylitol and Sukrin, seems both natural and artificial sugar alternates have that in common. Fortunately didn't have my revelations on a plane though!

    Ah, good to know about the -ol's. As for glycerin: that's the Swedish name for it too, typed in right the first time but apparently not the second, fixed now.

    That's why it was so great! It was way more than just a mouthwash to us. At least half of the people up North know to use Vademecum to cure an itch, but of course not the multinational company who happened to take over... if they weren't selling well before, this'll be the nail in their coughing.

    Eating natural soup's actually not that bad. XD Though natural soup: even better!

    Mmm here we used to just have plain colorless mouthwash, which is way better IMO. Does look good with different types, but assuming they aren't using natural coloring that's just unnecessary. Just because you aren't supposed to swallow mouthwash doesn't mean they should throw all kinds of crap in it. I'll probably go over to just regular water and salt or bicarbonate if I can't get my hands on some leftover 'original' bottles of this.

    Oh hell yeah, the original Schwarz would do a MUCH better job at this type of stuff. XD He seems to care about his teeth too. Maybe he's been using this brand all along!

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