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The New Year Walk

It's Now 2013. A new year! It doesn't feel very different, but it certainly looks different. The snow is gone. The ground is bare. We cheer, fanfare and hear - New Year!!

As always I took a walk this morning, the first walk of the new year. Before that I ate my first breakfast of the new year, a late one at 11, and after the walk I ate my first lunch, at 13. It's a red-letter-day, so for coffee the cookies and cakes were more than usual. It's soon time for the first dinner of the year, and I'm soon done with my first assignment this year, and I just posted my first blog post this year (resolutions), and the first day of the year is soon over so I can finally sleep for the first ti... oh wait, I did that last night. I stayed up a bit too late though, so I woke up today with my first headache of the new year! Woo! It would be awesome if it was also the last one of the new year...

It's not like today is more special than yesterday was, or any other random day, such as the 15th of June 2007 (I wonder what I did that day?). Why do we treat each new year like it's something special? It's a new year we get, but it's also an old one that's taken from us. Whoa! Hey! Slow down! I'm starting to sound too much like my grandma now. This year she'll turn 92, so there's at least something great to celebrate! Happy Continuation! :)


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