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The Next Three Days (2010)

The Next Three Days (2010)

Even though it had the right end, it still felt so wrong. All the right things in all the wrong places. Coincidences, realizations and revelations. It's a crime thriller in which a wife is accused of murder, and the husband decides to bust her out. He believe she is innocent, and yet she's never said she really is. All throughout the escape the cops are hot on his tail, and it's never certain they'll make it. At the end: it still isn't!

It's exciting. But it didn't start that way, and there were times where I thought it would all go differently - when the husband hesitated. When he was mugged. When he met the other woman. I also really thought he'd mug a different guy. I also saw a deaf password bookie for the first time, and thought I'd guessed the ending multiple times - but each one turned out wrong. I also feel like I had a glimpse of a relationship on the most intimate level - where no words were needed to convey what the characters felt, though sometimes I didn't understand them as well as they did each other, and as such it took a while to catch up on what was about to happen next.

I had many impressions, I thought many things, but many things didn't turn out as I expected them - not least my impressions of the movie: they're great. Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks both do a fantastic job with this, as does everyone else.

At the time of writing I feel a bit depressed, but I have nothing to complain about. I watched this voluntarily, and learned some interesting tidbits of info along the way, like how to make a bump key, and how to open a lock forcefully with nothing but a tennis ball and a hole. It was an interesting movie, and emotional in strange ways, and exciting, but maybe also all too serious for my taste buds. Though I loved it, and found no flaws, I can't seem to rate it accordingly.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Dec/31/2016

    yes i'm going to say it..."oh cool you watched it"...indeed a solid film, with no real flaws. But it doesn't push any boundaries, thus 4/5.

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Dec/31/2016

    Haha, cool you read the review man! And agree with the score on this one too! :)

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