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The Opera Problem

A while back I switched from FireFox to Opera, as the former was just getting slower and slower (Read: More and more bloated and incapable of running properly on somewhat dated hardware), and for a while it's been great but...

Lately pages start loading forever. And they do load forever. Every new tab I open loads forever. Sometimes one tab works, and I can send a reply or similar if that's what I'm currently typing out, but all tabs after that just load forever, forever, forever...

I close the browser and restart it.

Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't I then open the task manager and kill the process manually, and then restart it again, and so it works again.

It's a fine browser otherwise - even if I'm still not a huge fan of the bookmarks/history being locked to a side panel - but this one thing is a bit of a bother. Don't really want to move all the way to Chrome though, even if they are both based on the same engine now.

Trying to keep personal integrity at least somewhat intact but this is turning into a real soap Opera.


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  1. S3C
    Friday Nov/6/2020

    Surely you can find a less bloatedversion of FireFox...or make it more lightweight through the settings

  2. Cyber
    Friday Nov/6/2020

    Hmm I don't know though, it might be that Gecko is the culprit. FireFox (and less bloated versions of it) are the only ones that still seem to run Gecko, as far as I know the main ones otherwise use Webkit. There are actually certain things FireFox can do that any Chromium-based browser can't for this one reason, though can't recall exactly what... oh for one it can still run Flash embeds using the SWFObject library, something that's been broken with all other browsers for a few years now. There's probably a bunch of less notable benefits apart from that but: possibly the one downside is it's just slower. Not as efficient a foundation anymore.

    Soon as I switch up computers I'm a go back though.

  3. Cyber
    Friday Nov/6/2020

    FYI I did try a reset first, run with only a couple very lightweight anti-tracking plugins. Been trimming hardware settings for a few years now. No deal anymore.

  4. Cyber
    Friday Nov/6/2020

    Of course it IS possible I'm still missing some miracle cure setting all the guides I've been reading up on failed to mention, if you happen to know one...

  5. S3C
    Saturday Nov/7/2020

    well, you know more than me about Firefox so no suggestions here...perhaps it's just the websites that are getting heavier, and your PC can handle the combination of Firefox and modern web to a lesser degree...

  6. Cyber
    Saturday Nov/7/2020

    Mmm, could be that too, might be then a combination of the websites getting heavier/how Gecko renders those websites too, not so much the browser itself getting bloated. Indeed..

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