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The Orphanage (2007)

The Orphanage (2007)

It's been a long time since a movie actually brought me to the verge of tears!

I watched this movie on Friday, the 13th, and though it wasn't directly a scary movie, it was a disturbing movie in all aspects. Not disturbing as in gross, but disturbing as in... emotionally scarring. Chilling. Si sad!

It took until the end of the movie before I fully realized what had happened, but there are clues if you're attentive enough, masterfully woven in with the screenplay. With the final flashback everything makes perfect sense, but until that moment it's like the viewer is encouraged to play their game: look for clues, and move from one to the next to get that final piece of the puzzle. If you plan to watch this movie (unless you´re a very sensitive individual, I´d much recommend it), avoid the spoiler below at all costs. Better watch the movie first and then read the spoiler to see if you share in the same sentiments. With movies like this, reviews easily turn into more of a venting place for impressions than a critical analysis of the film itself. So...

Some things are clear early on, way before the main characters believe them, like the trail of seashells that lead to the house, or the bones in the sacks of cement (or is that all human ash?!). But the most essential part was a shock to me. When she found Simon in the cellar, I really thought he was alive. That it was over. That they'd find a way to give the other kids peace of mind and all would be good, but even then there was the hint: he was cold. "Why are you so cold, Simon?" she says, at the point where any just movie would've provided a happy ending. But there's no justice here, there's no mercy, there's masterful tragedy and a sorrow that transcends time. It's like a documentary on ghost stories - a glimpse behind the scenes. She doesn't fight the ghosts. She becomes a ghost. When it's all over, that's when the scary movie really starts. That's when the house becomes haunted. And yet, when you thought it couldn't get any more emotional than that, the husband walks into the room, the doors open, and...

The filmography is beautiful, and the story's told so well I'm unsure of what more I can reveal without spoiling the moments. I'll sum it up like this: it's about a wife and her husband, their kid, and an orphanage with a dark past. Masterfully told and enacted, though it took a while to realize. Fantastic watch.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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