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The Pacifier (2005)

Pacifier (2005)

Vin Diesel, a Navy Seals officer, gets a rather awkward assignment guarding a group of kids while their mother is away on some secret government business. It's a Disney movie, so it deals a lot with the family and their various differences and problems. At the same time there's a lot of action, it moves fast, there's a lot of comedy, it's a family movie. Vin Diesel plays his role well, as does everyone else he interacts with.

What else is there to say? If you know Disney, you know what this is going to be about. Good movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

February, 2018

The Pacifier (2005)

I mentioned this movie recently, and it just so happens it popped up in my Viaplay feed so... here we go again!

I really see the similarities between this one and the other this time around. The wives... and kids. The spy stuff (although he's a soldier in this case). The secret motive and main script. Basically everything.

This movie came a few years earlier, so it seems reasonable this might have inspired the aforementioned one, too. In case you don't feel like even hovering over that link above I'm talking about The Spy Next Door.

The ninja fight scene here was actually a level above the Jackie Chan ones though, and even if Vin Diesel doesn't really have the same charisma... this felt a bit more authentic. A bit more wholesome. Not like everyone got along as well as they did in the other movie (I assume they improved upon that intentionally with the 'remake'), but that's a thing with families after all. You don't always get along - and family members aren't all as unnaturally charismatic... or dramatic.

On the other hand the diaper humor was a bit much, and in the end it felt kinda... corny. Maybe Vin Diesel doesn't really fit the mold, even though I'm impressed with him for jumping in on a role like this in the first place. He doesn't hold back. He goes all in. He just seems so out of place... though of course that's the point. Great acting? Or is he just so out of place...?

It all comes off a little unpolished too. Bits of unnecessary dialog. Reactions that don't fit. Script gaps. The Spy Next Door had all of that covered, even if this had highlights of it's own, some pretty cool props (like that green ooze), great stunts, and a bit more teenage family members.

They're both good in their own ways, and neither's perfect, but for some reason I did like this one a little more.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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