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The Protege (2021)

Maggie Q! I thought it was Maggie Q, then I thought at first, but then I started thinking it was probably that girl from The Courier for some reason... the same femme fatale action film protégé once again. Olga with the last name I can't memorize. Or hadn't before this, at least. Maybe I will now. But it was Maggie Q after all. You can tell by the budget maybe - this one definitely has a bigger one than Olga's usually do! The filming's solid.

It's a hitman kind of movie, with a dark and broody kind of plot, yet a glimpse of heaven halfway through. A Mr. and Mrs. Smith kind of relationship in the mix. Flashy fireworks kind of action. Old school.

Unfortunately the bunker scene seemed a bit fake. But for the most part... it has class.

I don't know why I don't give this one top score. Felt like I could've. Just... not memorable enough? Am I not in the mood? It sure was atmospheric though. Samuel Jackson never gets old either. Nor Robert Patrick (though he does look a bit more aged in the first couple shots).

And it really was atmospheric. Well-filmed. Just... that little special extra missing. Maybe authenticity. Like how would the shot up apartment still be there ten years later.

Great action. Almost perfect.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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