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The Purge 3 - Election (2016)

The Purge 3 - Election (2016)

So this is how it ends... is it? It looks like it might not be done just yet. Like it might be time for a grand showdown after this, in a hopeful sequel...

This is what I imagined the first of these movies would be like, though. Action. Gunfights. Blood and gore and eerie costumes but more so just straight up VIOLENCE! It delivers not only on those points but also on the ever so important topic of politics - making it eerily realistic sometimes, and mainly one new phenomenon taking the US by storm: murder tourism. That's not a focus point, it's just one part of the movie, and though it plays but a little role in the movie it did get a lead feature on the movie cover (above). It's an interesting idea, though if they really wanted to make it a highlight they should have made it a larger part of the plot. Could be something for a sequel.

The main focus of the movie is Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), who wants to topple the current and murderous regime and put an end to her purging, yet the NFFA don't want to let that happen, so on purge night... things go down in a major way.

Bishop - the one character who seems to have been in all three movies, is back, and so is Sergeant Barnes (Frank Grillo) from the second movie I've yet to see (he looks a bit like Ethan Hawke from the first), but it's Elizabeth Mitchell who really steals the show as the Senator.

It's a gritty movie, and good, and those candy girls were a real highlight. Even if they had little to contribute in terms of plot their characters really raise the roof in terms of atmosphere. Blumhouse manages to make things as psychotic as possible once again, albeit not with all that much chaos. Even with everything going on there's strangely little anarchy in the city. Streets are empty. Fires burn in the distance. Close up... all is quiet, and only a select few enemies push our main characters to the limit.

I like how little mercy there is in this world. Good people die easy. Bad things happen. In the bigger whole it feels like Hollywood stole the plot though, and compared to the first movie it ends just how you thought it would, almost, but it's not a bad ending either. It's a good ending, or at least as good as it could get, though it seems like it's far from over yet...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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