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The Purge 4 - The First Purge (2018)

The Purge 4 - The First Purge (2018)

Time for yet another Purge movie! It's a sequel - but a prequel too, taking us back to a time before the by now within-franchise well-known, notorious New Founding Fathers of America had yet to come to power, detailing the experiment they then conducted on Staten Island, where for twelve hours the whole area was a lawless zone, and people were paid to stay, and to participate in what they expected would be an outbreak of crime and violence.

Instead people start peaceful Purge parties and just while out. For a while. Until Skeletor comes stabbing...

From a purely political standpoint this movie might've been a mess, turning serious multicultural issues from earlier movies to a blacks VS whites thing, but I honestly didn't catch on to those arguments until I read some reviews. Lots of reviews. So negative. Is it really all that angled though? Is it? And if it is: does it matter?

If you go into this without paying political correctness or potential majority appeal any mind you'll most likely enjoy it. If you like action. Because there definitely is action, and there's that creepy Purge night vibe too. That stylistic and sensational aspect of it all.

It's well-filmed and atmospheric, with some strong and deserving characters, and those glowing eyes! They really got something going with those. It's directed by none other than Michael Bay and Jason Blum, and stars actors such as Y'lan Noel, Mugga and Rotimi Paul. So what's there not to like? I'm also getting some nostalgic GTA 3 vibes from the location.

Maybe I'll read up more, or see this again later, and cringe at my current level of cluelessness... but right now I'm just here for the action, and the atmosphere, and the fact that it plays with real and controversial topics is a definite plus to me, no matter how simply those topics are portrayed.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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