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The Raid 2 (2014)

The Raid 2 (2014)

I didn't know there was a sequel! :D Not until I searched for the 'best action movies of 2014', and tadaaa, a new build of this modern-day classic popped into my field of view (among a bunch of other good and not-so-good Hollywood titles I'd already seen).

The Raid 2 was... different. It doesn't take place in the same place. It's not limited to one certain locale, and it doesn't convey the same sense of isolation and fear - the sense of being trapped - that the first one did. But I suppose making more in the image of the old would've been a way to feed a sinking ship, that's already been done, and it was done once again with the somewhat-ripoff (but still awesome) Dredd movie from the year after.

Though I don't fully appreciate the skimming between sceneries, the occasional gaps in time (I feel a continuous flow of time usually makes the plot all the more perceptible) and the mesh of intertwined character fates, I do like the potential of new battle stages each scenery brings with it. And there is plenty of battle! There's a prison riot in thick mud, there's a fight in a car, and between other cars and a car following this car, there's a hectic brawl in a concrete toilet stall, a club massacre, plenty of minor skirmishes and encounters that serve the purpose to introduce some of the other 'contestants', and at the end there is that one final Raid. It's not as consistent, but it doesn't disappoint! The plot isn't bad, but it's the fights that really turn this into a work of art. Fights and relations. Masterful brutality. Despair. Fear. Loyalty. Life and death. And we get to see a couple of people from the last movie too, one you probably weren't expecting!

I like it, and I'm hoping for a third!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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