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The Rate A Day Challenge

March Chart

Last month, I rated every day, every day, as part of a challenge/contest arranged @ The Pox Box. Here's the original chart for reference; my result above. It was a fun project. Like writing a diary forces the recollection of events at the end of the day, potentially improving memory, this challenge forced an objective analysis of my life for each day that passed. Since it's not all that bad, this challenge might have motivated me to work a bit harder, though I can see the effects easily being turned around if I was in a more negative phase of life at the time! So it was a fun event, even though I didn't win the mystery package prized as surprise. It was apparently quite nice. :/


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Jun/19/2021

    WTF! There are only 30 days in April

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Jun/20/2021

    Hmm!!! Did I rate the wrong month, or write the wrong month, or count the last day of the month as the first of May, or not take this challenge seriously at all?! Hard to know now...

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