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The Reoccurring Tuesday Recap & Jamble

These are starting to become a tradition allofa sudden huh?

I had a good friend over this weekend, so no Sunday recap this time either. Played frisbee golf all Saturday, and it went surprisingly well despite the sprain! It also rained and rained, but that killed no game, now of course the sun is shining and the house is slowly turning into a sauna, post his visit here... but it was a good play, and time and stay! Namaste!

And Happy Walpurgis y'all! That's tonight.

Been rummaging through more screenshots: There's a bundle more of those on the blog. I'm pretty much all caught up on those now...

And have you heard of Danny Carey? I didn't know him by name until just now, but suddenly he's one of my favourite drummers out there. He plays in Tool. A band you'd best know if you act no fool.

The video that link links to is a treat, and so is every other one that's starting to pop up on my feed now. Beware the algo. But the dude's on beat!

And show's such a joy in his craft. It's contagious.

Here's something about 1971 too. Relationship dynamics really have changed, but the cause may be an unexpected one. It makes sense...

Jungle Keepers? If you want to save the world and have some surplus.

I've more posts to rummage through, and trips are coming soon, so speak more in a few! For now it's time to do things, for Tuesday is all dues. Call it Duesday with a deuce, and be ruthless not obtuse, excuse me I shall move as to be be dutifully truant and not too prudent with my shoes.

Made a blog? I guess I am like Truman but informed. Consuming too much YouTube to be huger than the norm. Consumption's bane and shackle, so rattle and reform, like a snake out of those slivers may you slither and be born. Anew.

Shed some skin for two. Two's day. Huge yay. Woo.


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