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The Reunion (2011)

The Reunion (2011)

It's Four Brothers WWE style! Only it's just three brothers. And one of them doesn't die. And rather than bring them all together their mom has kept them apart, but in her dying wish she wants them to reconsolidate. And it's not a mom: it's a dad.

It's not really comparable, but it feels like a familiar idea. Three guys go on an adventure in Mexico, bounty-hunting, and do some girl-chasing and what-not on the same. It's an entertaining venture with a few bouts of action, not with the best actors but with good personalities, and a showdown to look forward to. It's almost a little Western-ish, too.

John Cena's the main action actor name here, and Amy Smart seems to be the name-from-outside-WWE (she plays a minor and not entirely convincing role - but it was fun to see her in the mix). But none of the dudes were bad. Boyd Holbrook in particular turned out a very likable dude. Reminds me of Kurt Cobain.

What are the 3 of us gonna do together for 2 years without killing each other?

There's a summative quote for you. ;) It's good fun, and well-filmed. Not bad at all.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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