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The Revenant (2015)

The Revenant (2015)

What is a Revenant? There are Revenants in Doom too, though I always thought it was spelled Renevant. And I always thought it was a made-up name. I recently learned about the biblical city of Dis (a level in Doom), and now this. It seems there's plenty of inspiration from the real world within that game. So, revenant: "a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead".

And that's exactly what this movie is about. A fur trader (Leonardo DiCaprio) is left for dead after a bear almost shreds him to pieces. His son, and two others stay to tend to him while the rest of the group make their way back to the fort, but one of them (Tom Hardy) kills his son, and convinces the other to leave him where he is. He's in shit shape, but as he crawls out of the half-dug grave they left him in, inch by inch, you can see he's not ready to die just yet.

It's a journey through a savage wilderness, as much as it is a tale of savage people. Not the Rickshaw Indians that attack them at the beginning, no: it's their land. The savages are the civilized people, and it's a savage journey this one fur trader makes to finally get back his camp, and exact vengeance on the one who killed his son. Left him for dead? OK. Killed his son? No mercy.

The movie reminds me a bit of Ravenous (1999). It was brutal, authentic, down-to-Earth, and long. A horrible, cold and barbarian adventure of Indians and Americans.

And a good movie. You know it will be as soon as you step into the mountain stream flooding the young forest as the movie begins. There's more wilderness in this one movie than all of the big blockbusters from this past year too, beautiful sceneries; nature so untouched it could very well have been from another time. The old and savage era, when the West first claimed it's place of war and violence. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. S3C
    Friday Jun/9/2017

    ...and the movie was frickin' amazing!! just a 4!? i'm always in awe by Tom Hardy's wide acting range. DiCaprio is solid as always but he needs to ditch the accents as he isn't very good at them (in various films) and you can tell that it fades as the movie rolls along. Deep, well-developed fabrication of an actual story, a breathtaking, cold scenery complimented with a beautiful light ambient score. I'd rank it my favorite movie watched this year, and the only 5/5 besides American Beauty.

  2. Cyber
    Friday Jun/9/2017

    Think of a 4/5 like a 9/10 man! So close to perfection. Yeah, Tom Hardy keeps surprising, and DiCaprio impressing! Any movie they're both a part of seems destined for greatness. Thinking Inception. Still amazing. There's my maybe eternal #1.

    As for the #2 hmm... so many great candidates, but this one's definitely a bit further down the list, not because of flawed acting, or filming; such, but more so because of theme, and style - certain movies just appeal on a whole other level. I love nature, the heavy atmosphere, and the realness of it all, but movies have the potential to not just tell a grueling story beautifully (like this) but build new worlds entirely (like Avatar), or change our perception entirely (like Inception), or really probe our emotions (like Grave of the Fireflies), or freak you out (like It's Following). Then there are the epitomes of action, like Hard Boiled, or Bad Boys 2, which I love because they so perfectly incorporate all the elements required to really reel you in and hype you up, and have a blast with the action. I suppose I rate movies according to their genre as well, so even a somewhat flawed movie like Tucker and Dale VS Evil gets a 5 for highly unexpected plot twists, and since I just couldn't stop laughing (which is rare), and Finding Dory was so beautifully animated I was in another world - even if the story as is might come across shallow, not all that different from the original. This movie had the content done right, but it didn't strike as strong an emotional chord required to feel like a 5/5 to me, or take familiar concepts to a new level, introduce something new entirely, surprise, immerse me... something like that. Maybe the script's the one 'flaw'. It's the kind of movie I thoroughly enjoyed but don´t expect to watch again.

    The accents sound like... something I might've noticed but not really thought about. Good observations.

  3. S3C
    Friday Jun/9/2017

    watched Grave of Fireflies recently *spoilers ahead for anyone who may be reading*...yes it's very sad, but the anime as a whole seems to be lacking. a little bit too slow and not enough room for development. Also it's just a shame that the reason his sister died was due to his pride and stubbornness. I also dislike when movies start with the 'end'. you already have a clear idea how the movie is going to unfoil from the beginning scene.

  4. Cyber
    Friday Jun/9/2017

    Yeah it's definitely slower than it would've been if it was made now, but maybe that's part of what makes the ending so sad. That there's room to grow with the characters, and live into their story. It's not so much the war thing as... how pointless it all is. Was it pride and stubbornness? Wasn't he looking out for them; trying to save on money so they'd have it OK? Didn't remember it started with the ending though, usually don't like that either. But I loved the movie. Teared me up each time. It's pretty much just this, The Green Mile and One Piece that I remember as so emotional.

  5. S3C
    Friday Jun/9/2017

    it was indeed pride and stubbornness...he waited until he got brought to the police to take his sister to the doctor. And when the farmer didn't have any food left to spare, he refused to apologize to his aunt and go back home.

    the Green Mile is a classic. the only movie that has ever made me tear up is Schindler's list...if you ever seen that. watched it recently.

    One Piece the movie or One Piece the film?? I started watching Cowboy Bebop so I could watch the film. Although there isn't a necessary story arc or spoilers if you watch them separately. it's pretty good but not sure if i want to watch all the episodes though...

  6. Cyber
    Friday Jun/9/2017

    Hmm I need to watch this movie again, feels like we got pretty different impressions.

    Sounds familiar but... not sure. Adding to my watchlist.

    The anime series. :) Though just certain parts/episodes, like when they're saying farewell to Merry (their first boat). It probably helps if you don't just jump straight to certain episodes though. Grow with the characters and all that. The movies have way better animation quality but don't manage to build up the mood the same way at all. Definitely worth getting into but does require a LOT of surplus time to catch up on! Also not as good now as it was in the beginning. The first 300 episodes or so were like a whole other world.

    As for Cowboy Bebop it's not that many episodes right? Was a good show, though feels like one of those that for some reason made a name for itself without being all that special. I'd recommend the new Hunter X Hunter if you're looking for more, great animation quality, plot twists, action, and really original characters in what otherwise seems like a real anime cliche.

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