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The RING That Follows

I read in ad in the local paper about someone who needed their dog walked afternoons, all regular week days. So I gave her a call, no answer. I put down the phone and placed my butt in the comfortable office chair by my computer wondering what work I should take care of next. My glasses. I scanned the three small desks in saturated levels in front of me before quickly jumping off the office chair towards my room on the otherside of the hall to see if I had left my glasses there while changing shirts. A thought flew through my head... the shower? And then I noticed I was actually wearing my glasses already (!). Is this an early sign of some serious age-related syndrome now occurring in earlier ages due to the increased coverage of magnetic fields over the earth? Toxins in our food? Maybe lack of regular sleeping cycles? Or maybe I've just started wearing glasses to much? Whatever the reason, it has me worried out of my binds.


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